Week 2

28 01 2010

hi, this week has been a little hectic. i’m adjusting to an online class that does not always work the way it should. time management is my biggest issue right now. i don’t know about everyone else, but it’s easier for me to meet the sunday deadlines than the thursday deadlines. i’ve not had much time this week to review material, but since it will be cold this weekend it looks like i will be on the computer with LYNDA! i’ve mostly learned how easy it is to add links to a blog roll. THAT’S IT! time…


week 1 summary

25 01 2010

learned a lot of web terminology this week — site structure and wysiwyg; xhtml and html 5; containers and assets — it’s enough to make my head spin.  actually, it is spinning.  i’m still trying to process all this stuff and figure out why there’s no template content in my html exercise file — it just says “CONTENT GOES HERE”!!! thanks, that’s helpful mr. template…

on blogging…

24 01 2010

hi all,

welcome to my new blog! this is a good exercise for me b/c i had planned on starting a blog this week.  so, now i can practice and see what works and doesn’t work.  can’t wait to tell my husband — he’ll be shocked that i actually started one!  btw, the picture in my masthead is one i took with my iphone at wheaton regional park in silver spring, maryland.  i saw this shadow leaf pattern on the ground and thought it was interesting.  glad i’ve had a chance to actually use it!

peace, v.